The Different Types of Events: A Comprehensive List

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The world of events opens up infinite possibilities and ways to connect in real life, it’s what makes the industry so exciting. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule or way to run an event. From the number of attendees, to venue types, different event formats, budget allocations, technology and staffing — every event has its own unique set of requirements and challenges. 

But what event type is right for you? We’ve compiled a quick introductory list of some of the different types of events to help inspire your next move. 

Corporate Events

Product launches, Panel discussions, Training sessions, Seminars…

A corporate event is an activity that’s organised by a business and is generally intended for employees, clients, or stakeholders. The audience will depend on what the aim of the event is, for example, to launch a new product or service, to celebrate the achievements of staff members, for professional networking opportunities, or to demonstrate expertise within a specific field. 

There are many different types and formats of corporate events ranging from internal meetings to large-scale seminars and conferences. For inspiration on fun formats, check out the link below. 

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Fundraising Events

Fun runs, Reverse raffles, Auctions, Bake sales…

Fundraising events can be hosted by organisations, corporate entities or individuals to crowd-source money for a good cause. 

Popular types of fundraising events include auctions, fun runs, trivia nights, bake sales and raffles, just to name a few. These events can raise money or awareness on the day, or encourage participants to source fundraising from their own networks in the lead up to the event. Fundraising events often encourage competition between fundraisers, with a prize for the most raised. Stuck for ideas? We’ve got you covered with 101 of them

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Conferences & Expos

Guest speakers, Q&A sessions, Travel expos, Presentations…

Conferences and expos often fall under the corporate event category, and can come in many different formats to encourage new ways of engaging, learning, collaborating and networking. 

Many conferences are spread out across multiple days and venues, and involve people travelling from all corners of the globe to attend an industry-specific gathering. Conferences can incorporate expert panels, guests speakers, and relevant exhibitions or activations.

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Classes & Workshops

Dance classes, Short courses, Cooking classes, Training sessions…

Classes and workshop events have boomed in the modern market. From cooking classes to dance classes and just about everything in between, there’s an endless appetite for learning away from a screen. 

These classes can come in many different formats depending on the task at hand (from the kitchen to the classroom) and can be effectively marketed as either a small and intimate or large-scale experience. In recent times we have also seen the rise of virtual workshops, where a much larger amount of people can connect from anywhere around the world.

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Virtual Events

Online training, Webinars, Streaming events, E-sports events…

With the technological advancements in today’s hyper-connected world, it’s no longer necessary to secure a physical location in order to host a successful event. More and more event organisers are realising the benefits of asking attendees to connect to an online event from their workplace, home, office or hotel room — instead of booking a venue to host them all. 

Virtual events can range from training courses and workshops right up to large-scale conferences, and are often conducted via livestream so that those connected can still ask questions or interact with the presenter. 

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Fandom Events

Comic-cons, Gaming events, Book fairs, Themed dress-ups…

Geek and pop-culture events are on the rise in Australia, following in the footsteps of massive global success stories like Comic-Con. Fandom events can range from niche local meetups to multi-day conventions, but the general concept is the same: Gathering a bunch of passionate fans from a particular community in one place. 

Once gathered, fandom events can entertain the crowds with guest speakers, games, competitions or exhibitions… you name it! As long as the fans have an enjoyable experience, they’re bound to come back for more. Check out how Madman Anime Festival became a national success, or check out the guide below for the ins and outs of running a fandom event. 

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Festivals & Fairs

Music festivals, Job fairs, Comedy fests, Carnivals…

Festivals and fairs involve a line-up of entertainment for a large group of attendees. Whether it’s a music festival, food and drink, amusements rides or an epic combination of all of the above, festival and fair organisers face a number of challenges. 

From securing an appropriately sized event space, to managing entrance, security, crowd control, waste management, talent acquisition, contractors and staffing — this type of event requires a team of planners and specialists working together toward the ultimate satisfaction of pulling off a great party.

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Food & Drink Events

Food truck parties, Wine tastings, Beer festivals, Pop-up dinners…

Similar to festivals and fairs, food and drink events generally involve a lot of people gathering to enjoy an epic line-up of deliciousness. 

Trends come and go quite frequently with food and drink events, from the food truck craze, to specific food or cuisine like cheese or dumping festivals, and the large-scale brewing festivals that are making big splashes in Australia like GABS and Beer InCider

One consistent theme we’re seeing across all food and drink events is a push to limit the environmental impact of single-use packaging and servingware. 

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Networking Events

Speed dating, Flatmate finding, Playdates, Professional meet-ups…

Networking events can come in many different shapes and sizes, from professional networking, to friend-finding functions and all sorts of dating and speed-dating events. In fact, Eventbrite recently noticed a massive 389% increase in the number of real-life dating events added to the platform over the past 5 years in Australia.

The main challenge for networking event organisers is finding ways to break the ice and make what can be a bit of an awkward task seem enjoyable and conducive to genuine connection. 

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Internal hackathons, Community projects, Competitive brainstorming, Tech contests…

Unlike some of the other event types that can overlap and blend together, a hackathon is pretty unique.

The concept involves a group of technical experts getting together to work on a particular project or solve a specific problem. Typically teams compete over one or a few days to come up with a solution in the fastest and most efficient way, with the winners enjoying a prize. 

Hackathons can be organised by companies internally for solutions that can be applied to the business, or you can have open hackathons that aim to solve real-world problems to improve the community. 

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Sport & Mass Participation Events

Round robins, Open Tournaments, Endurance events, Obstacle courses…

From fun runs to charity matches, bushwalks and triathlons, mass participation events often involve physical activity and can be competitive, recreational or associated with fundraising. 

Mass participation events can face the unique challenge of being held across an expansive area shared by other users, like roads, paths, or parks. 

These events require meticulous planning and preparation, but can generally draw from existing communities of passionate runners/walkers/swimmers/players, and have the power to bring a community closer together and inspire people.

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